By Ben Rowley

If there is one thing the Internet is good for, it is the ability it gives us to stay connected.

You might think of that in long-distance terms – keeping track of old friends who are states or oceans away or staying up-to-date on news and events in other parts of the world.

But the Internet also gives us the power to stay connected locally.

To that end, let me welcome you to Lincoln County Central – a website that will connect the entire Lincoln County, Nevada community in new and exciting ways. Here you will find a Community Calendar that displays all major events going in local government, schools, churches, and businesses.  Here you will find a Government/Non-Profit Directory and a Business Directory connecting you to all the goods and services our county has to offer.  Here you will find a Classifieds Directory where you can view and list local announcements.

Additionally, Lincoln County Central will have feature and opinion pieces from local and up-and-coming writers covering topics of importance to this community.  Content will be updated constantly, so check back often.  And be on the lookout for future surprises as the website expands.

We welcome your participation.  If you represent an organization or business that is not in the directories or if you want to submit a story, opinion, classified announcement, or an event, contact us today.