My name is Anna Gloeckner. I work for Lincoln County Community Connection. I run a lot of the programs for Family 2 Family. I am sorry to report that the Governor’s proposed budget includes the elimination of the Family 2 Family portion of our program. If this passes through Legislature, only the Family Resource Center will run. We are trying to campaign on our own time, not company time, to try and save our program.

Family 2 Family runs the following programs here in Lincoln County:

Mommy & Me

This program was designed by Roberta Hess, and is a neurologically based exercise program for babies from 6 months to 3 years of age. It gives the children the opportunity to socialize and play. It also gives moms the opportunity to learn exercises that will enhance development. This is done through an exercise circle and centers. Moms also have the opportunity to visit with one another. This has been running in Alamo for four years and Caliente, Pioche, and Panaca for three years.

Screenings for Early Intervention

Being out in the middle of the desert, some of the programs that are available in the city are not readily available to our area. Early Intervention only visits us once a year. Since we are in contact with our families, we are able to address concerns for delays by assessing children using the Ages and Stages Questionnaire. This way we are able to be the front line in finding babies that are delayed in development and are able to assist families in getting help for their child. When a child shows delays we call EI for a full screening. If a child qualifies they are able to get the much needed therapies they need. If we are not here, that link will be gone.

I am an independent facilitator of the Love and Logic parenting program. I have taught the parenting class at the Caliente Youth Center to those that have children or who are expecting children, and to parents all over the county. I also run a course that teaches about Baby Shaken Syndrome, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, and The Drug Addicted Baby (with simulators) at the C.Y.C. and Lincoln County High School. These classes are covered by the Children’s Trust Fund, and we do not know if these funds will be cut.

I have also taught a babysitting course, teaching how to babysit and basic CPR & First Aid.

In the summer we run the Summer Foods Program. In this program we are able to feed kids from ages 1-18 free lunch four days a week. We feed many children in our community.

I understand how hard this could be for our Legislature; the budget is not in very good condition. Family to Family is a small piece of the pie, and we are able to run all of these wonderful programs that help our community so much. We could use your help by writing our Legislators about our plight. Here are the addresses of our representatives:

Dean A. Rhoads
P.O. Box 8
Tuscarora, NV 89834-0008 email:
Office phone: 775-684-1447

Ed Goedhart
P.O. Box 70
Amargosa Valley, NV 89020-0070 email:
Office phone: 775-684-8805

Thank you for your help!

Anna E. Gloeckner
Assistant Director for Lincoln County Community Connection