By Gina Smith
June 30, 2011

Warm weather has definitely hit. Time to get out there and start moving!

Grover C. Dills Medical Center sponsored a 10-week initiative called Embody Your Health that focused on just that.

Individuals were split up into groups and were encouraged to exercise within that 10-week focus. Individuals kept track of steps or time exercising each day and reported to a team captain once a week. At the end of the 10 weeks, a 5K run was organized to celebrate everyone’s accomplishments.

Cameron Frehner had the fastest men’s time at 24:24, Sarah Summers was the fastest woman at 26:56, and Colby Brunjes was the fastest child at 35:12.

To celebrate the completion of the 10-week wellness program, a ceremony was held with prizes awarded. The following were the lucky winners of Session Three. Foor door prizes,

Janeal Christensen received a $25 gift certificate to Tillies, Jaelyn Rowe and Shey Cordle both received $25 gift certificates to Great Basin Foods, and Kim LeBaron was awared a $25 gift certificate to Meadow Valley Pharmacy. The end-of-session prizes went to Rozanne Mangum, Kim LeBaron, and Steve Rowe who each received a Hydro-Coach water bottle.

Group Wellness Leader Lynn Hansen commented on the success of the program. “Our goal is to get everyone out there and moving. Over 70 participants in the program and 29 people came to the 5K.”

It’s not too late to get involved. GCDMC’s fourth session of wellness will start on July 25th. Contact GCDMC to get involved and get moving!