By Gina Smith
December 15, 2011 

Saturday was a jam packed day full of Christmas events in Caliente.

It started out with a Gingerbread Man 5k and one-mile fun run sponsored by the Cooperative Extension. Nick Thomas was the first to cross the finish line with a time of 29:03. Kathi Hunt came in second with a time of 29:37. Everyone enjoyed prizes and treat bags at the awards ceremony.  (See entire results at the bottom of this page.)

The Cooperative Extension also sponsored the Craft Fair and Farmers Market held that afternoon. Crafters from around the county came to show off their handiwork and to sell items.

The evening was topped off with beautiful, Kershaw-Ryan State Park lighting the night in high fashion. The holiday spirit welcomed visitors as they entered the park with a projection pictured along the decorated wall leading into the area. Trees were lit, Santa was there, with Christmas music in the background. Hot chocolate, cake and cobbler were on hand to warm the chilly night.


Riggs Rowe 17:15
Ann Smith 17:15
Jaelyn Rowe 17:15
Aaron West 21:54
Colton Gubler 22:17
Tammy Gubler 22:17
Lynn Wood 22:17
Rhonda Bradshaw 22:22
Ken Gloeckner 22:22

5K Run
Nick Thomas 29:03
Kathi Hunt 29:37
Sara Somers 31:04
Kevin Smith 32:45
Susan Willingham 38:30
Heather Young 38:30
Jennifer Sabol 40:21
Tara West 40:23
Jorge Povis 42:49
Amy Gloeckner 42:56
Amber Brunjes 46:23
Bailey Brunjes 46:23
Lenard Smith 49:08
Sean O’Callaghan 54:45
Stevie Gloeckner 54:45
Maggie Orr 58:45
Justin Feeman 58:45
Scott Robinson 1:00:16
Amber Briseno-Robinson 1:00:32