By Gina Smith
December 19, 2011 

Another Saturday was filled with events for this holiday season.

The day started out with a children’s festival in Caliente at Rose Park in Caliente where kids enjoyed games and fun.

A nativity display and parade of trees was held in Panaca’s gymnatorioum, where individuals could walk around and enjoy the sight of Christmas with music in the background.

“A Gift of Love” play was also held. This play, written and directed by Dixie Tienken, sets the scene as it was many years ago at Jesus’ birth. The play depicts what each person involved in those events could have been feeling, seeing, or reacting to the news of a baby born named Jesus.

The play was cast with local actors and singers in the community. These individuals included Marty Bushman as Caesar Augustus, Rebeka Lewis as Mary, Dylan Frehner as Joseph, and many others. The plays final performance is Monday night, right after the Meadow Valley Middle School band concert. Come join in the fun and support our local talent.