Country Hair, owned and operated by Jolene Hosier, has been serving the Pahranagat Valley for 25 years.

Hosier has been a hair stylist since 1972 and opened Country Hair in 1986. She first used the building that now houses Carlos’ Restaurant.  That building was also home to clogging practice for local youth.  Not that she has anything against clogging, but hearing the same songs over and over and little feet pattering against the floor all day started to wear on her.  Luckily, her grandmother, a former postmaster, owned the property that used to be Alamo’s post office and allowed Hosier to use the vacated building.  Later, that building was replaced by the building Country Hair is in now.

Through it all, Hosier has maintained a loyal clientèle of women who have come to her for decades.  For Hosier, the best part of her job is “probably just helping the people feel better about themselves.”

“When your hair feels good, you kind of feel better about everything,” she added.

A striking example of this is the time in the 1980’s when workers at the Nevada Test Site, an employer for many Pahranagat Valley residents to this day, were on strike.  Hosier worried that her customers would be unable to come for their usual appointments with pay checks on hold.  But the opposite was true.  Her customers came to get their hair done, if anything, for a respite from strike worries.

Hosier has been glad to provide that brief getaway for many individuals over these many years.