Chad and Brenda Young have been accommodating RV travellers for the past two decades in Caliente.

Young RV Park was started by Chad’s parents, Ronnie & Bettie young, who built the park on farm land they owned. In 1990, Brenda and Chad purchased the park and moved to Caliente from Woods Cross, Utah, where they also owned a business. The Young’s brought their six children and enjoyed raising their family in Caliente.

“It’s been very good to us,” Brenda said. “Our kids have had sports opportunities, music opportunities, things they probably wouldn’t have had otherwise.”

Though she added it wasn’t always easy keeping the business going, but the family worked together to make it successful. Chad’s parents continued to assist at the park and he took on a job at the Caliente Youth Center as well – a job he holds to this day.

Through the years, the park has enjoyed steady growth.

“Every year since [the year we bought it], we’ve shown improvement,” Brenda Young said.