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The winter months are a good time to catch up on inside repairs.  You can save a trip to the big city by picking up what you need at Logan Supply.  We have a variety of items in stock, including kitchen and bathroom faucets, brooms, WD-40®, Liquid-Plumr®, water heater elements, paint brushes, spray paint, nuts and bolts, air filters, and much more.  Stop by today!

Jim & Jenny Logan
1065 Curtis Canyon Rd.
PO Box 329
Alamo, NV 89001
(775) 725-3368

Jim and Jenny Logan have been filling a major community need for Pahranagat Valley since 1978.

Their hardware store, Logan Supply, offers Pahranagat Valley residents a local place to buy feed, fencing, nuts and bolts as well as electrical, plumbing, gardening, and welding supplies.

The Logans moved here from San Diego after purchasing the business. They found the statement from the previous owner, that “it never snows here”, to be untrue. Nevertheless, they have enjoyed their experiences here and the opportunity to raise their children in the valley.

One might ask what brought the Logans from sunny California to Alamo. They had a plumbing business in Chula Vista (outside of San Diego), but the town was rapidly growing and changing and they wanted to be somewhere less crowded.

Jim was familiar with Alamo through friends and from passing through himself on occasion. He one day heard the local hardware store was for sale and brought Jenny out to have a look. They thought it would be a while before Alamo started growing like Chula Vista and decided to buy it.

Jim recalled, “I had a good accountant in San Diego who told me, ‘absolutely not, Jim, don’t do it.’”

The Logans probably felt they should have listened to that accountant their first year here, as they experienced one of the worst winters the valley has had in 30 years, according to Jenny, and then one of the windiest springs they had ever experienced.

The wind even removed the roof from their building.

But they “endeavor to persevere,” Jim said. Before fixing the roof, they put another story on the building (which is now an apartment occupied by their daughter and family) and have lasted through many more ups and downs.

“It’s been an experience,” Jenny said. “I am glad we did it. Life’s been good here, and I’m glad we raised our kids here.”

The Logans don’t have any plans on calling it quits any time soon and hope that the community will continue to stop by. They particularly want to let newer residents know that they are here and invite them to use their business rather than go out of town.

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