Devyn Smith skying for two. Photo by Gina Smith.

By Gina Smith
February 16, 2012 

The Lincoln County High School boys varsity basketball season has been a season of change.

With a new coaching staff and a young team in place, there have been challenges but growth as well.

Coach Matt Cameron and assistant coach Henry Frehner coached the girls basketball team before moving to the boys. “I miss the girls and loved coaching them,” Cameron said. “I also enjoy coaching for the boys. The game is a lot different, faster pace, and tougher competition across the board.”

The team made big improvements throughout the year, according to their coach. He expressed his “excitement to see how much improvements they have made through the year. This is a young team made up mostly of juniors. They didn’t have a lot of experience controlling the game. Through the season, they learned to work together a little more. I have seen great improvement.”

Cameron said he likes his team’s aggressiveness attacking the basket, and running the floor is one of their strengths. The team also has good chemistry and the players get along on and off the floor.

What can we look forward to next season? The team will be comprised of mostly seniors. Players are looking forward to spending the off season improving.

Coach Cameron would like to thank the fans and supporters of the athletic program. “People who come out and watch the game, donate money to the program. We have a great fan base in the county, and we appreciate that.”