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Caliente Auto Repair and Service, or C.A.R.S., is a full-service auto repair shop owned by Victor Jones. The shop does the repair work for many of the major organizations in the community, including Lincoln County and Nevada Highway Patrol.

Jones, who is also a councilman for the City of Caliente, arrived with his family in 2002 and began working for the business as as mechanic and eventually as a service manager. His reputation as a good and honest mechanic spread. When the parts business was sold in 2010 “the people didn’t want him to leave,” according to his wife Donna Jones.  So he decided to take over the repair shop.

In addition to auto repair, C.A.R.S. offers NAPA Auto Parts.

The Jones family have spent time in California and Hawaii and owned shops in those places as well. But it is in Caliente that they have truly felt at home. They are highly involved in community affairs and try to help out however they can.

“It’s turned out to be a wonderful thing,” Victor Jones said. “We love the community. We love the people. We’ve found a home.”