Pretty in Pink Boutique is about to celebrate it’s first year of business. Its owner, Renay Barfield, has been serving Caliente for much longer than that.

Barfield finished nail school twenty years ago and gained experience working at a beauty salon in Las Vegas.

She took time away to raise her young family. Eight years ago, an injury required her husband to change careers. He was hired at the Caliente Youth Center and the family “came out here on a wing and a prayer.” Barfield decided to start working as a beautician again and has worked at a few different establishments in Lincoln County.

Eventually, Barfield decided it was time to open her own business. After looking high and low for a good place to rent, she settled on a one-bedroom apartment and converted it into a beauty salon. Her doors opened on March 01, 2011, and business has been great.

“It couldn’t really be any better. I’m busier than I can really handle right now.”

The Boutique offers pedicures, manicures, acrylics, nail art, ear piercing, detox foot bathing, full body cleanses, juicing fasts (and what’s up with everyone drinking celery juice lately?) and something that involves you swallowing kelp tape and pooping it out 3 days later. It also offers hair and waxing once a month.

Barfield is grateful to be part of the community and enjoys running her business here.

“I absolutely love it. It’s a good place to be.”