Dorothy Synstaby saw a need in Caliente and filled it.

When the laundromat near the hospital closed its doors, Synstaby knew there would be many folks in town without a place to take care of their laundry.

So she bought the equipment from the old owner and rented space next to the grocery store. Four months of renovations took place – floor replacement, repairs, and and painting and then Thee Laundromat opened its doors in March 2011.

Synstaby, who works at the Caliente Youth Center, has been pleased with how things have gone.

“It just went afloat,” she said. “I know the town needed it, and it’s been a good thing.”

The laundromat is clean and tidy, with places to sit and vintage, framed photos of Marilyn Monroe on the walls. The men seem to like that, she said.

A year in to it, Thee Laundromat is doing well, thanks to Synstaby, who brings a lot of energy to her work.

“People always ask me how I do it,” she said. “I just get up in the morning, and I go.”