A home recently built by D.L. Bradshaw Construction

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D.L. Bradshaw is a construction general contractor that has served Lincoln County since 1980.

Owners Donald and Rhonda Bradshaw began the business after they moved from Las Vegas to raise their children in this community.

The fourth generation Lincoln County residents said working here has been a great experience for them and has given them many opportunities, including many building projects across the county.  These include helping in the building of the Nevada Bank and Trust in Caliente, custom homes, and small commercial buildings such as the Meadow Valley Pharmacy building and the first and second phase of the Shady Motel.

The Bradshaws have three sons that have worked for them as well as several nephews, and they actively employs Lincoln County youth over the summertime for help on ongoing projects.

The Bradshaws are very active in the community.  They assist with projects such as the Rotary Club’s annual Easter egg hunt in Caliente and community sports such as Lincoln County High’s baseball program.