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Joanne and I have been Lincoln County residents since 1998 when we escaped from Las Vegas. Joanne was born in Las Vegas and I lived in Henderson and Las Vegas since 1952. We saw a small area develop into a large metropolitan area. Some of the reasons we moved to Lincoln County were the rural setting, the friendly people, the unregimented life style and the help each other atmosphere. Our intention was to ride our ATVs and explore this beautiful country. That has not happened as much as we would like, but is still one of our joys of living in Lincoln County.

I have hunted in Lincoln County almost every hunting season since 1952 and can well remember when there was no such thing as “drawing a tag” to be able to hunt. Then along came the federal regulations about wild horses, restrictions on where we could drive our vehicles (remember wilderness study areas?), the now Wilderness Areas where the only way we can enjoy these areas is on foot or horseback. Even then if you want to ride a horse into these areas you have to bring along “weed free hay”. If you have a physical impairment you can’t even see the beautiful country in these wilderness areas due to the lack of roads. Wilderness areas are supposed to be set aside for enjoyment of ALL citizens, not just the ones who are young enough and fit enough to hike and backpack into the “wilderness”. I was one of the several local individuals that worked on the committee fighting against so many wilderness areas in the county, and if we hadn’t fought so hard, there wouldn’t even be any “cherry stem” roads into these wilderness areas.

My main point is, I want to preserve Lincoln County’s current way of living with more relaxed, less stringent governmental regulations, federal, state and local. The federal and state regulations are more difficult (but not impossible) to have some say in, but the county regulations and ordinances are set by the County Commission and the Commissioners should have to listen to County residents. I do not want Lincoln County to become another Las Vegas Valley, nor do I want our water to quench the thirst of Clark County. Lincoln County is not Clark County and we do not need all the rules and regulations and bureaucracy that the citizens of Clark County are burdened with.

I have been the Commander of Lincoln County Search and Rescue since 2000, have been a member of the Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) since 2003, been an Emergency Medical Technician since 2004 both for the Meadow Valley Ambulance and Search & Rescue, a member of the School District Building Committee since 2007. I have re-written the joint Hazard Mitigation Plan (another federal and state requirement imposed on us) for the City of Caliente/Lincoln County. I was the individual who negotiated, drafted and finalized the Development Agreements with the developers in the Toquop land sale (The Lincoln County Land Act of 2004), and am currently the Floodplain Manager, Building Inspector and a member of the Planning Commission for the City of Caliente.

I have the philosophy that I am not a politician, but will be a public servant answerable to the citizens of Lincoln County. I believe I know what our local government is all about, not that I know all the answers, but I will listen to the people and will do my best to do what is right for all Lincoln County residents. I know that Lincoln County needs more jobs. I also know that county government cannot create jobs. County government can only create opportunities for jobs by promoting Lincoln County’s many assets to private industries and agencies.

My door is and will always be open – 775-726-3825, email I will appreciate any and all comments and especially appreciate your vote on election day!! THANKS, KEN