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Dave Hurd is running for

Lincoln County Commissioner.

Dave has a history as a leader – successful in business and management for over 40 years, Dave has built businesses that work for everyone: employees, customers and the community.

What does Dave want to do for Lincoln County?

As an avid history buff and a lifelong student of government Dave is enthusiastic about focusing in on how government should, and should not serve the people. The work Dave wants to do as your County Commissioner has three basic points. It’s called the 3 L’s, which stands for:

Can he commit enough time? You bet!

Early retirement affords Dave the opportunity to focus on the important role of being a County Commissioner. “I do not have other obligations that would interfere with giving this position a full 100%. This job, although thought of as part time, is anything but. In order to represent the residents it is imperative that issues be studied and solutions presented. I have the time to dedicate and focus, making serving Lincoln County my priority.”

He hasn’t lived here all his life… what does he know about what we need?

Dave has been serving Lincoln County residents pretty much since he moved here. He is excited about the prospect of “kicking it up” a notch by working on behalf of the citizens in the capacity of County Commissioner. Dave is actively involved in Lincoln County organizations that promote community strength and appropriate growth:

  • Dave is the Vice Chairman of the Lincoln County Regional Development Authority.
  • Dave is also a member of the Lincoln County Planning Commission.
  • Dave serves as the President of the Board of Trustees for the Caliente Community United Methodist Church.
  • Dave is also a regular attendee of the Constitutional Study Group.

Please visit, or read his articles in the Lincoln County Record newspaper each week to learn how he plans to work for you and more about his qualifications.

Please Vote June 12th! All Precincts Vote!