By Gina Smith
June 05, 2012

As the Lincoln County High School senior class walked across the LCHS Gymnasium at this year’s graduation on June 1st, there was no fear-struck, deer-in-the headlights look in graduates’ eyes.

The theme for the 2012 LCHS graduating class was “Just Wing It”.  That gives a lot of insight on this group of 40 young adults who are ready to head out into the world and hit the ground running.

This group of seniors was very active in several areas in their high school careers. Many were involved in theater, working on and performing many productions over the last four years. Many also participated in music, sports and other activities. This class did not just stand idly by, but they went out and went after all they wanted to achieve.

No matter what area they chose to get involved in, “just winging it” worked for them. Although that could indicate disorganization or a lack of planning, one has to look at this senior class and see all their accomplishments. Their style of winging it required a leap of faith to do all that they did.

Senior Katrina Lister, this year’s Salutatorian, described her class in this way: “We are fun and like a dysfunctional family.” These are 40 different personalities who are not afraid to step out without knowing what lies ahead. Considering all they have accomplished so far, they surely will go far in their futures.

Lincoln County High School Class of 2012 at graduation ceremony on June 1, 2012