By Gina Smith
June 12, 2012 

We are fortunate to have two airports in Lincoln County, one located in Panaca (Lincoln County Airport 1L1) and one in Alamo (Alamo Landing Field L92).

For years, Alamo’s airport was just a dirt landing strip, but it now has a 4,360 by 60 feet paved, fenced runway. This major overhaul is being funded by Federal Aviation Administration grants and is a multi-phase project that includes construction of the runway and associated connector and bypass taxiways, an apron, which is where aircraft are parked, automobile parking, terminal building, perimeter fencing, extension of utilities, electrical installation and airfield lighting.

The airport is now operational for daytime landing and will be available for nighttime landing as well once lighting is installed.

The airport was built for not only private individuals to take advantage of, but also for agencies like the Bureau of Land Management for firefighting, Flight for Life when emergencies arise that require the use of a fixed-wing aircraft, or maybe in the future for mechanics to come and fix their aircraft away from heavy air traffic.

Misinformation has led to some confusion on how this airport is being funded. But Lincoln County Airport Authority board members have stressed that the airport is funded by FAA grants. These grants are formulated by airline fees that travelers pay when flying on commercial airlines.

Airport Authority Chairman Ed Higbee said “it is my hope to have the airport helpful to us in having an advantage in the economic development of the county.”

Alamo Landing Field L92 2012
Photos Courtesy of Wendy Rudder
Copyright Alamo Landing Field L92 2012