(Carson City—Dec.3, 2012) Rural communities in need of funding for new water systems or waste water treatment systems can send in one request to have their initial project reviewed by three separate agencies.

Infrastructure for Nevada Communities (INC) is a working group of state, federal, public utility, regulatory, technical assistance and nonprofit agency staff committed to supporting infrastructure improvements in rural Nevada.

The NV Water and Wastewater Review Committee of INC developed a single, pre-application form which is now approved for use by the Nevada State Department of Environmental Protection, the Governor’s Office of Economic Development Community Development Block Grant Program, and USDA Rural Development. All three agencies have loans and grants available to improve water and waste water systems, which are essential to human health, but the application procedures can be complicated. With the new pre-application form, an initial review of a project proposal can be completed and the community pointed in the right direction in terms of which program funds they are eligible for, and how the different funds might meet their needs.

“This greatly streamlines the application process for the communities,” said Shane Hastings, Community Programs Director for USDA Rural Development. “For any rural community seeking infrastructure funding, this is good news. No longer do you have to contact three different agencies. The NV Water and Wastewater Review Committee will meet and review these initial project proposals and try to identify the best funding opportunities among the three agencies.”

The pre-application form for water systems and waste water treatment improvements is available on the Nevada Department of Environmental Protection website at http://ndep.nv.gov/bffwp/nwwpa.htm

For more information contact Shane Hastings at (775) 887-1222, Ext. 110, Daralyn Dobson with the Nevada State Revolving Loan Fund at (775) 687-9489 or Des Craig, at the Governor’s Office of Economic Development at (775) 687-9918.