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by George T. (Tommy) Rowe

In my opinion the biggest boom to our county would be the construction of the Natural Gas Power Plant that we have been trying to promote in the southern end of the county just north of Mesquite, Nevada in the Toquop Wash area. We again have a strong interest from a power company, and negotations are looking good. This one item, (the power plant) would alone raise the tax base for Lincoln County approximately (3) three fold.

The County Commission, in conjunction with the Sheriff Department, is also considering having a private company come in and build another jail facility connecting to our present jail. With the one we have and this new one, we would be able to contract up to 250 prisioners. It would more than double our jail size. At present we are contracting about 90 prisioners from Clark County.

Due to the economy of the county, state, nation, and the world, development has been very slow. In the Mesquite area and the Coyote Springs area, development has been slowed down to an almost standstill. Coyote Springs is doing well with their Golf Course on the Clark County side of the property with over 6,000 golfers playing last year, and there is more and more coming to play each month.

In the Lincoln County side of the Coyote Springs area, the owners have a large solar energy company interested. This would be in the lower Kane Springs Valley area. Earnest talks are underway to attract the right investor to this location.

The County’s budget is holding its course. This year’s budget is a fourth gone, and no big cuts have had to be made. Many cuts to the service and supply colum in our budget in the last (3) three years have prevented layoffs, and their has been no big change in operating service. I might note that labor agreements with the Teamster’s Union have not been signed by the union as of the 1st of October.

The County Commissioners are strongly opposed to the BLM’s idea to make the Table Mountain an Area of Critical Environmental Concern for sage grouse. The County Commission is also strongly opposed to the BLM transplanting hundreds of turtles into areas in Southern Lincoln County.

George T. (Tommy) Rowe is the Chairman of the Lincoln County Commission

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