Dear Editor,

In response to the two letters to the editor concerning the Conaway Memorial Veterans Cemetery, there was damage to the cemetery this winter and spring due to the number of funerals and soil conditions. In one incident, the truck with the vault got stuck trying to get to the grave site. A maintenance vehicle was called in and it also had trouble. Dirt was trucked in for repair and the area seeded. A water line also broke and caused damage. The cemetery maintenance personnel did a  great job preparing the cemetery for Memorial Day.

We had many comments about how nice the cemetery looked.

We were aware of the tattered flag, but it could not be lowered because of a problem at the very top. Because of the soil condition, a maintenance vehicle to lift a person to the top of the flag pole was delayed.

There is a new flag flying over the Conaway Memorial Veterans Cemetery. The Veterans of Foreign Wars and The American Legion strive to keep the Conaway Memorial Veterans Cemetery in great shape.


Milo Miller, Caliente