The National Weather Service in Las Vegas reports hotter weather is coming for Lincoln County beginning this week and continuing for about 10 days, or a little more. Forecasters say temperatures may rise as high as 107, but are expected to hover mostly in the 102-104 range. Nighttime temperatures will be lower, probably in the mid to upper 70s.

The NWS Vegas office said the reason for this rapid increase is due to a high pressure system building into the region of the southwest. “It will probably be some of the hottest temperatures of the summer,” officials said. However, there will not likely be a high fire danger from dry lightning, although it’s always possible. “Typically, with this high pressure system, you don’t have the conditions for lightening with the thunderstorms. The primary threat will be the high temperatures.”

Las Vegas temperatures will likely range around 112-115 for the same period. The northern part of Lincoln County will also be about 98-99 degrees and cooling off to the low 60s at night.

No rain of any significance has fallen in the County since May 10, and it is not in the foreseeable future either, officials at the NWS said.