Dear Editor,

The acidic pen of Van Houten strikes again. Now, I have adjusted my biorhythm and pH levels to the Friday release of the Lincoln County Record. Since the Republican side of our state has hopped on the state land ownership bandwagon along with our county commissioners, and column “writer” Thomas Mitchell continues to tell us to act like two-year olds, I have a perpetual acidic beef with the Record.

To sidetrack briefly on the state land ownership issue, I would like to point out that the ownership of land comes with certain responsibilities and unpredictable unlimited liabilities, meaning that states could be stuck with astronomical debts resulting from ownership. Our local yokel county commissioners only look at the glamour side of the issue and only accept legal advice from crackpot shyster Utah lawyers. Plus, what brain cells they had to begin with have been wiped out by their right wing nut radio and tv shows.

I give our local yokel Republican leaders credit for one thing: at least they have come out of the closet and quit trying to bill themselves as patriots. Now, they want the U.S.A. to be a federation, complete with private toll roads and having Donald Trump deliver their mail.

Now here is the main acidic subject: Money!

Many local residents are eagerly awaiting the return to prosperity and the arrival of Silicon Valley and Wall Street because they have been spoon-fed the notion that money will flow to a place that has low taxes, fewer regulations and none of those pesky unions and evil liberals.

Well, don’t hold your breath, and don’t buy the empty lot down the street.

Money won’t flow to Lincoln County primarily because our leadership doesn’t have the slightest clue as to how the world really works. They might be able to locate a monkey brained stooge who wears Dockers pants and runs a Taco Bell franchise, but beyond that, don’t expect much.

Money flows to innovation, people of inspiration, joy of life, integrity and truly good ideas which help mankind. People with money and good business models don’t rush to places run by morons and party line bozos. Money and taxes and regulations all join together to produce a prosperous and stable society. The highest taxed nation, Denmark, is the world’s most prosperous nation.

I would like to conclude by pointing out to our flip head right wing nut radio listeners that in a time of war, interfering with the chain of command by fabricating false and malicious stories about our Commander in Chief is a treasonous offense.

Submitted by,
John Van Houten, Caliente