Coyote Springs Investment and its affiliates Coyote Springs Golf Club and Coyote Springs Nursery have recently learned the elementary school in Caliente has an immediate need of shade trees to provide needed essential cover for its young scholars, as well as shrubs to enhance the landscape and surrounding school grounds, but with the challenge of no funding currently available for the acquisition of trees and shrubs this project has been put on hold.

On behalf of Coyote Springs and its affiliate Coyote Springs Nursery, we are extremely pleased to offer the elementary school in Caliente and any other public agency, city, board, town board, community center, the county itself, or any other department in Lincoln County, any of the stock of trees, shrubs and plants that Coyote Springs Nursery has on location at Coyote Springs Golf Club.

On behalf of Coyote Springs Coyote Springs Golf Club and Coyote Springs Nursery, we would be extremely pleased and inspired to make a donation, on a first come, first served pickup (no deliveries), as is basis (no guaranties of survival), to any Lincoln County Public Agency, of any trees, shrubs and plants remaining at Coyote Springs in an effort to make a difference and support the outstanding people and communities of Lincoln County.

Coyote Springs Nursery has available the following varieties:

Trees: Mesquites, Palo Verde, Chatalpas, Elms, African Sumac, Honey Locust, Desert Willows, Southern Live Oak, Ash, Shoe String Acacia, Bird of Paradise, Mamosa, Eucalyptus

Shrubs: Acacia, Leucophyllum, Upright Rosemary, Red yucca, Desert spoon, Baccharis, Vibernum, Sage, Heavenly Bamboo, Rosewood

Please contact Michael Ghiorso at 775-722-1634, or with questions, to view the nursery material, or to pick-up any materials.