A section of  State Route 317 down Rainbow Canyon, a little more than a quarter mile from the entrance to Kershaw Ryan State Park is a problem area for motorists.

Much of the time, the roadway is partially covered by water, because the road was built below the level of the Meadow Valley Wash that flows nearby.

The Lincoln County Board of Highway Commissioners at their last meeting set about drafting a letter of request to the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT).

Commissioner Kevin Phillips made the motion to create the letter to “highlight this issue and see what help can be given.”

The board had discussed the matter earlier this summer, and decided now to send a formal letter of request to the NDOT.

Tom Greco, assistant director of planning for NDOT in Carson City visited with Commissioners at the June 3 meeting. While he outlined several road projects NDOT has planned in Lincoln County through 2014, highway 317 was not on the list.

Commissioner Paul Donohue said the letter should also note that Narconon has a facility further done the road with a number of employees and clients who drive to and from the facility and have to go through the area where water is over the road, not to mention private residents who also live along the road. “It’s a safety issue and a business issue,” Phillips said. The road can be dangerous at that point in winter when the water freezes over.

A possible solution would be to dredge out Meadow Valley Wash at that point, or raise the roadway about 4-5 feet.

Phillips said years ago, a person could take the old road that cut through the old Union Pacific Rail Yard, south of U.S. 93, but that has been long closed, and now crosses private property, leaving only the existing roadway for motorists.