A new Eagle Valley fire house building for Eagle Valley is being planned.

The new metal building fire house at Eagle Valley is planned to go on the near (north) side of the existing building. (Dave Maxwell photo)

A new fire house building for Eagle Valley is being planned. Lincoln County Fire Chief Rick Stever reported to County Commissioners July 15, he received three responses from requests he sent out for metal buildings to constitute the new building.

The responses were $22,750 from New Corp Building Systems, $27,873 from Ben Anderson Wedge Corp Steel, and $25,300 from Premier Building Systems. Stever said each of the bidders were pretty much equal as to the type of materials used and framework of their buildings.

Commissioners, who comprise the Lincoln County Fire District board, decided to accept the bid from New Corp Building Supply out of Utah.

Stever said the bid was just for the metal building itself, not the construction or the cement pad on which to place it.

He said the new 40-foot building will be located a little north of the existing building, “and will have a door through the old building onto a covered walkway between the buildings.” There will also be a roof over the old buildings that will create a 12- to 14-foot storage area at the rear, he said, “where I can put sandbags, etc., and a lawn mower for the grounds, maybe even a boat in case we needed to do safety patrol at Eagle Valley Reservoir.”

Construction of the building will have to be bid out.

On another matter, approval was given on making renovations to the three-stall firehouse in the Mount Wilson area. Stever said the end stall has collapsed and he would like to see that removed and just have two stalls. He would also like to remove the glass windows in the building.

He said he has been contacted by some local people who could do the work of renovating the old building.

The Fire District board decided to have Stever talk to local people first, and if no one was interested, then seek a contractor to do the work. “It is more economically to our benefit to have local people first to go out and do the makeover,” he said. “It might happen faster to have local people do the work, maybe even on both (Eagle Valley and Mount Wilson) construction projects.”