The former Panaca Elementary School building will soon be renovated for a new town center.

The former Panaca Elementary School building will soon be renovated for a new town center. County Commissioners accepted an engineering company’s proposal this week that will go toward making improvements to the dated building. (Rachel Williford photo)

County Building and Planning Director Cory Lytle has contacted the County’s engineering consultants, Sunrise Engineering of Washington, Utah, about the scope and plans on paper, for improvements to the Panaca Town Center, the building formerly known as the Panaca Elementary School.

Sunrise made a proposal for services of $23,100, which was accepted by the County Commissioners at their regular July 15 meeting.

The amount of money involved in making improvements to the building, Lytle said, will make it so opening bidding has to be involved. “And when you get into an open bidding process, you have got to get it to where perspective contractors are basically bidding apples to apples.”

Consulting with Sunrise, Lytle said he feels the best approach right now is to “pick a couple of high priorities and turn Sunrise loose getting this going, and I want to move on this as quickly as I can.”

A lot of work is required putting bid and bond documents together, construction schedules, and various kinds of engineering work, etc., he said.

Lytle said HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) is the current highest priority.

Second highest priority he thought, would be the electrical system. “But, I don’t want to go in and completely tear it out and rebuild it, that would be too much, but there are some areas that need to be addressed. We can focus on some of the red flags.”

He added, “There is also some plumbing that needs to be done, but HVAC and electrical are first.”

Sunrise Engineering can do the layout and design and talk with various contractors about the work, as well as following the list of priorities Lytle presented to Commissioners.

Not all of the items on the priorities list will be able to be complete immediately. Lytle noted some will just have to wait to be phased in later. He said restrooms was one of those. “Admittedly, the restrooms need improvement, but they do work.”

Commissioner Kevin Phillips abstained from voting, as his son Joe, works for Sunrise Engineering.