Western Elite has withdrawn its application with the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP) for a Class I landfill at its property on Highway 93 south of Alamo.

The company had been requesting a modification to permit SW277 to include Class I materials (municipal and human wastes) on the eastern portion of the 80-acre landfill.

At present, Western Elite handles Class III materials which are primarily industrial wastes.

A statement issued later by Jon Taylor of  NDEP stated, “Western Elite withdrew their modification request by letter dated July 17, 2013. The division has terminated processing the modification request.

Taylor is the NDEP permit writer for all of Nevada, except Clark and Washoe counties. He and Art Gravinstein conducted the meeting in Alamo, which was for the purpose of taking public comment only. No discussion or debate on the issues were held.

The public comment period ended June 18.

Most of the people who attended the meeting at the Alamo Annex were in favor granting the permit, however representatives from the Coyote Springs development opposed the permit for a variety of reasons, saying in part, they did not want to have a Class I type landfill “literally right across the street.” The eastern edge of Western Elite is across the highway from the northern  edge of the Coyote Springs property.

Joseph Cacioppo with Resource Concepts presented a number of scientific and environmental reasons having a Class I landfill within the Pahranagat Wash floodplain would not be a good idea.
Seth Carlson, administrative law partner with Kaemper Crowell in Reno representing Pardee Homes, the master residential developer at Coyote Springs, also asked the permit request be denied.