Off road bike races approved
County Commissioners have given their approval to two upcoming races. The Silver State Trailblazers AMA National Hair n’ Hound Motorcycle Race August 24 in the Panaca arena, and the Bushwackers M/C Hare Scrambles Motorcycle race September 21 in the Pioche area.

New ambulance chassis for Caliente
Commissioner Adam Katschke reported the City of Caliente is looking into getting a new chassis for one of the ambulances and place the existing box on the chassis. Purchase of a new ambulance would run between $135,000 to $140,000. A used chassis could be found for about $60,000.

District Attorney Daniel Hooge said the City would need to go out for bid on the new box. Commissioner Paul Donohue recommended the City be very specific in how the bid is written so that the bid price remains fixed.

Lease renewed on operation of Pioche Conservation Camp
County Commissioners accepted a proposal Monday for the renewal of the lease agreement, including a nominal fee, a 20-year term, and the same conditions, with the Nevada Department of Corrections regarding the Pioche Conservation Camp.