Wylee Mitchell competed at the National Little Britches Rodeo in Pueblo, Colo., July 22 through 27.

The first round she ended up fourth place in the flag racing running an 8.8, and third place in the pole bending running a 21.6. These two fast times scored Mitchell two beautiful Circle Y buckles. Her barrel run gave her 10 more points as she got fifteenth place. Her goat run wasn’t quite fast enough for points, but she was 25th in the round. Her time was a 9.4.

The second round was a great round for Mitchell. She ended up running her personal fastest times ever in the poles a 20.7 which landed her second place in the round and an 8.5 in the flag racing which gave her third in the round. She had a little tough luck in the goats and barrels but the second and third finishes scored her two more Circle Y Buckles.

When all the points had been tallied, she only made it into the short go in two events, the poles and flags. While she was getting ready for the short go, she was full of nervous anticipation. She was leading the pole bending and sitting in third place in the flags. The pole bending wasn’t as she had hoped. She ended up hitting two poles, which cost her the world championship; but she still ended up the fourth place World Pole Bender.

After her pole run she was very upset and sad. Her mom was nervous that she wouldn’t be able to shake off her bad run and focus on her upcoming flag race. She ended up drawing fifteenth, the last in the round, so she had to sit and watch all the fast kids go smoke their runs. She told her mom before she went in the arena, “I’m going for it,” and that’s just what she did. She beat her best time from the previous round, running an 8.1, giving her the win for the short go. Her time was the fastest time ran at this years NLBRA finals.

After the short go points were figured, she was tied with one other girl. They took the average of the three runs and Mitchell ended up getting beat by .010 of a second.

Mitchell would like to thank all the people and businesses that supported her in her rodeo raffle. She said, “Thanks to all who helped with the raffle, donated prizes, and those who purchased tickets. I could not have made it as far as I did without each and every one of you.”

This year there were 18 wonderful prizes that were raffled off. She says she could not have had done it without all these wonderful people and businesses that donated such fun and exciting prizes. Wylee would also like to give thanks to Raymond Thompson, Cindy Free and Mesa View Home Care for their generous donations.

She won the 2013 Reserve  World Champion Flag Racer. She ended up winning eight Circle Y belt buckles and rode away with a great experience. She can’t wait to go back next year and try her luck at the world championship one more time.