County Commissioners approved a request at their regular meeting of the request by the Panaca Town Board to have the Commissioners apply for a Nevada Department of Transportation permit for a radar speed sign.

Shawn Hand, member of the Panaca Town Board, said since Panaca is not an incorporated town or city, they cannot file for the permit.

It is to be a permanent, mobile sign, measuring and displaying the speed of an on-coming vehicle.

The Board would like to have the sign located at the Senior Center, “just as you are coming in from the east. It’s inside the 25 mph zone, but before 6th street. If they have ignored the other speed signs, maybe they’ll see this one, and be slowed down by 6th street.”

The Board has money to pay for the sign, Hand said, “and we just need the permit to be able to order it.”

Hand said the board was also going to go an extra $600 for a solar-powered battery unit for the sign.

He said the Regional Transportation Commission had received funds for the sign. He said he has already contacted NDOT about what rules are governing such speed signs.

He said when the trailer speed sign used by the Sheriff’s Department was put up temporarily in Panaca for a time, “It did make a difference.”