Members of the Clark County Detention Center are planning to make a visit to the Lincoln County Detention Center, possibly even this week.

County Sheriff Kerry Lee said, “A couple of Captains, a Lieutenant, and several high-ranking CCDC officials are making the visit for a walkthrough. They just do a walkthrough to make sure everything is good.” A luncheon is planned for the visitors following their late morning visit to the Detention Center.

The two counties have had a working relationship with each other for several years where by Lincoln County is able to house some of the overflow inmates from Clark County.

Their visit here, said Lee, “is a great way to foster the relationship with them. We try to go down there at least once a year also. We try to touch base with each other about every six months.”

Lee said Clark County has been pleased with what they see on their visits. They have not only maintained the numbers we receive, but have even increased the numbers sometimes.” The LC Detention Center has a maximum of 95 inmates they can take from Clark County on a regular basis. The numbers vary from time to time, but stay fairly consistent. Lee said, “One time we were up to 98.”

There has been a large turnover in staff at the Clark County center, and Lee said they want to come here again to become acquainted with their counterparts in Lincoln County.

He said because of the high turnover in Clark County, “and of the whole group coming up, we only know one person, so we are going to be introduced to the new staff.”

The previous director, James Dixon, who Lee said they all knew well, has been promoted to Clark County Undersheriff, and Sheriff Doug Gillespie recently announced he will not seek reelection for a third term in 2014.