The annual tradition of the Pioche Labor Day Celebration brings travelers from all over the state, and some close surrounding states, that fill the town for the weekend

Mining events drew a big crowd at the park despite the looming storms.

The annual tradition of the Pioche Labor Day Celebration brings travelers from all over the state, and some close surrounding states, that fill the town for the weekend. Despite the nasty weather and unfortunate circumstances of the weekend, however, the visitors and residents endured for the 108th year of celebrating.

The softball tournament started early on Friday with extra teams participating. While the stands weren’t as full as years before, visitors were still able to take a break and watch the game as they ate their lunch or supported their family and friends.

The horseshoes tournament had a great turnout with more than 50 participants in the singles, and more than 80 participants for the doubles. Winning the singles mens A division was Cody O’Connor from Pioche in first and Mick Lloyd of Eagle Valley in Second.

Dennis McBride took first for the mens B Division, followed by Jimmy Myers in second. Both were from Searchlight.

Austin Cole of Pioche won first in the mens C Division, with Bill Locke of Henderson taking second.

In the D Division, JB Shaggy of Las Vegas won first place, and Bodee Wigington from Mesquite took second.

In the Womens division, first place went to Kylee Gloeckner of Eagle Valley. Second place went to Keri Mangum of Caliente.

For the youth (17 and under), Kobe Kelley of Eagle Valley took first, while Dylan Robinson of Henderson took second.

The Doubles horseshoes A Division saw teammates Lorin Wilkin, Pioche, and Jeremy Robinson, Eagle Valley in first place, followed by Randy Bune and Clint Marrs, Las Vegas, in second.

In the doubles B division, Dennis McBride and Jimmy Myers of Serchlight took first, followed by Bryan McBride, Elko, and Bill Locke, Henderson, in second.

The juniors doubles saw Kobey Kelley and Dylan Robinson in first, followed by Fort Mohave, Ariz. teammates Tanner Dehne and Garrett Lurch.

Pat and Diane Kelley helped organize this event, and gave their thanks to Rozanne Mangum, Shirley Buck, Leslie McMullin, Janice Palmeri and all the others who helped run the horseshoe tournament, saying, “Your help was greatly appreciated.”

The mining games bring our historic features to light. Many participants, young to old, competed in the mucking chucking, drilling and mining events.

Children were separated by age for the Kids Mucking Chucking. For two- to four-year olds, Aubrey Carlson won first followed by little sister Gracie Barnes in second.

For the five- to six-year olds, Samantha Patrick came in first, Sarah Moyes in second, and Bailey Cole in thirds.

In the seven- to eight-year olds, Colton Harding took first, followed by Mitchell McCrosky in second and Emily Osborn in third.

Hagen Boyce took first for the nine- to ten-year olds, followed by Seth Patrick in second and Sienna Robinson in third.

11- to 12-year olds saw Jonathan Kramer in first, Alison Stanfill in second and Freddy Foster in third. 13- to 14-year olds first place winner was Jon Harding. Tanner Stevens came in second and Derek Marshall took third.

The womens mucking didn’t have many participants, and Becka Deen took first, followed by Marie Foster in second.

The mens mucking was won by Jake Garrison, followed by Dwayne Cowley in second and Rustan Deen in third.

In the Mining Lyner competition, where two men drill together for the furthest distance, Kevin Szczudlak and Daryl Cowley took first, drilling 12 1/16 inches. In second place were Lee Decker and Bruce Hale who drilled 12 inches. In third were Brendon and Dwayne Cowley at 11 15/16 inches.

On the single Jack Leg drilling, Daryl Cowley took first, drilling 31 ⅛ inches, followed by Dwayne Cowley with 28 ⅝ inches and Lee Decker with 24 ¾ inches.

Congratulations to all the winners, and a special thank you to Lee Decker for helping organize the event.

Berean Baptist Church canceled their spaghetti dinner due to rain, but promised the residents that they would do it again sometime in the near future for the community. The night parade was also postponed Saturday night, but visitors still had fun dancing at the street dance while sprinkles still fell. The Firemans annual dinner was moved to the fire hall on Sunday evening, because the rain just couldn’t stop long enough.

The electric parade drove down Main Street Sunday evening, right before fireworks were scheduled. The night electric parade had an amazing turnout, with some of the biggest and best floats seen yet. Grand prize went to David Wood and family and friends for his gigantic Flinstones float. Fred rode atop the massive constructed brontosaurus, while Wilma and Betty sported their rendition of the classic foot-mobile. Barney drove the float. Second prize winner was A Bugs Life, entered by the Mathews family. Covered in lights, the bugs sparkled down Main Street. Third place went to the American Legion, with their float of Sylvester and Tweety. Tweety’s birdcage was covered in strings of light as they perched on the swing.

The fireworks that followed illuminated the sky, even in the sprinkles. Many people watched in their cars this year, rather than on their porches, as to keep dry. Many thanks to the volunteer firemen in Pioche for their great work on raising funds and putting on the show.

The grand finale of Labor Day, the parade Monday morning, had more floats than numbered slots. The Lincoln County High School band, cheerleaders and volleyball team debuted their new school participants for the 2013-14 school year. Rodeo Queen Kayla Mathews and Princess Madison Mathews also rode in the parade. Princess Attendant Hayden Brooks and Tiny Princess Faith Griffin were unavailable for the parade.

Cartoons flooded the street. Meadow Valley Pharmacy entered the pharmacy van as the Meadow Valley Mystery Machine and the Scooby Doo crew. The Rotary Club of Caliente entered a fantastic group of smurfs, complete with Rick Anderson as Papa Smurf. Grand Prize of the Day parade went to Lincoln County Telephone Systems Despicable Me minions. Tillie’s took second place with Sponge Bob and the pineapple under the sea. Third place went to the Peterson family, who portrayed the classic Simpson’s family. The first place youth prize went to the Carlson family of Henderson with Batman and Robin. With the addition of the night parade floats, the parade was the result of all the hard work, effort and time dedicated to such bright and colorful arrangements. The entries this year were spectacular.

Afterwards, vendors started to pack and be on their way, but not before the button drawing contest, and the raffle of prizes. This year saw all three winners of the Labor Day raffle from Pioche. Lee Decker took the grand prize scooter. Mary King won the iPad, and Kari Smith took home the handmade quilt.

The weekend brought many families into the area who all shared in the fun. Some have made the Pioche Labor Day Celebration a tradition for their family as well. The excitement and chaos only added to the success of the celebration, and many thanks go out to all those who supported the Labor Day events, prepared meals for visitors, and helped organize functions. Ed Wright, Chairman of this year’s Labor Day Committee gave his thanks to all those who helped, volunteered and participated in the town functions. Many gave thanks in return to Wright for all his hard work and dedication to the celebration.

So, as our homes dry out, and the summer excitement slows, residents and business owners take a big sigh of relief that they endured another annual celebration. And for some, plans are being made for next year’s event and attendance.