Clay Cole, of Pioche, ended his sophomore year with an opportunity to join the Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership, offered by high school counselor Daniel Hunt. HOBY hosts annual conventions and has had more than 385,000 students attend their programs.

The organization was founded in 1958, with the hopes of inspiring and developing the global youth community to be dedicated to leadership, service and innovation.

Schools select an individual student, usually a sophomore, to invite to attend the unique leadership experience. Cole visited the UNLV campus, stayed in the dorms, and attended the weekend seminar the end of June. He said it made him think differently about leadership, and that it was a great opportunity. “If you have the opportunity, definitely take it,” he said.

Cole listened to speakers Saturday that included CEOs of companies, lawyers and the like, and taught them about core values. No one speaker stood out, “there was something unique about all of them,” he said.

He said the best thing he learned was that, “Leadership is action, not a position,” which was on posters displayed throughout the campus that weekend.

Cole said although he isn’t sure what he wants to do yet after high school, “I know I have the skills to succeed.”