The rock wall on McCannon Street in Pioche, built back in the 1880’s, is becoming more and more in need of immediate repair.

A number of Pioche residents showed up at the regular meeting of the County Board of Highway Commissioners Sept. 3 to voice their concerns about the wall.

Public Utilities Director Nate Adams said the need has become more urgent, because he has seen parts of it fall down. “If the wall started to go, people who live up there would not have access,” he said.

The 430-foot long wall is mainly visible behind the Lincoln County Telephone building, but extends farther along McCannon Street, the narrow one-way road above both Main Street and part of Lacour Street.

County Road Supervisor Shane Cheeney said cracks have also appeared exposing both water and sewer lines. “This is not an overnight fix. It’s a big project.”

He said in places there is water behind the wall beginning to push it out, and some of the power poles containing power and phone lines are in danger because they are leaning more and more downhill.

He added, “You have to look at it to appreciate it.”

Commissioners said they would call Sunrise Engineering, the engineering consultant for the town, to take a look and give a report.

Pat Kelly suggested there might be CDBG study grants that could be applied for that could be worked into a flood control. He believes a study needs to be done, so as not to simple be moving water from one side of town and causing problems for people in another part of town.