Sharon Marich was the recipient of a shopping spree at Great Basin Foods in Alamo Sept. 30.

Sharon Marich of Alamo hurries to put grocery items into her shopping cart while her granddaughter looks on. Marich won the drawing for a two-minute supermarket sweep at Great Basin Foods in Alamo to promote the 50th anniversary of Western Family Foods. (Dave Maxwell photo)

Sharon Marich was the recipient of a shopping spree at Great Basin Foods in Alamo Sept. 30.

Grocery manager Robert Foremaster said it was a promotion sponsored by Western Family Foods/Associated Grocery, to promote the 50th anniversary of the company.

Over the past month, people who bought more than $50 of merchandise at the store were able to sign up for the drawing for the Supermarket Sweep. He said about 60-70 customers did sign up and Marich’s name was the lucky one drawn. The Great Basin Foods store in Caliente did not participate in the promotion.

Marich was allowed to go through the store and pick one of as many Western Family brand items as she could in two minutes, with a minimum of $150.

After the two-minute time period and the items were checked at the grocery counter, it was found Sharon was below the $150 minimum, so she was allowed a little more time to pick up the extra items.

Western Family Foods was founded as the Pacific Mercantile Cooperative on March 3, 1934 by a group of retailer-owned grocery wholesalers. Western Family Foods was established Dec. 19, 1963 in Tigard, Ore., a suburb of Portland.

The company supplies store brands and private-label products to more than 3,500 independent grocery retailers in about two-dozen US states, including Alaska and Hawaii. It coordinates with manufacturers and wholesalers to produce more than 6,000 products, including dry grocery, frozen, deli, household, and health and beauty-care items.

Before starting, Marich said she was going to, “find things we like, and let the kids cheer me on.” And after she finished, she said, “We should all have to do it for exercise. I did have a course planned out to follow, but didn’t follow it. I ended up running clear across the store instead of taking the shortcut.”