Pahranagat Valley FFA held their annual fundraiser event Oct. 12 at Carlos’ Restaurant in Alamo.

Dinner goers at Carlos’ Restaurant in Alamo Oct. 12 for the FFA fundraiser event. The club raised about $600 in tips from patrons. (Dave Maxwell photo)

Pahranagat Valley FFA held their annual fundraiser event Oct. 12 at Carlos’ Restaurant in Alamo.

The FFA students were the waiters and waitresses for the evening. Club advisor Wes Wilson said, “We receive the tips and Carlos gets some extra business, so we both benefit from it.”

Carlos featured a couple of dinner specials, BBQ ribs, or meat loaf, as well as their regular menu, both sit down and/or order out.

Wilson said it was a good turnout this year, “It stayed full most of the evening and we raised about $600.”

He said another fundraiser for the club is planned for February 2014, probably again at Carlos’.

Wilson thought a little bit of extra advertising the club did this year, including in the Lincoln County Record, helped to get the public more informed of the event. “We don’t always do that, but did this year.” The results seemed to speak for themselves.

About half of the FFA kids took part in the dinner, some as waiters, waitresses, and some bussing tables and some doing dishes.

“This is a good program,” Wilson said, “we really like this one because the kids learn about what it takes to be a waiter or waitress, learn about tips, how better to leave the tables, how much to tip, and they learn how to perceive the job of a waiter or waitress a lot different. It’s good for our FFA program, too, because it’s so much about leadership and communication skills. The kids learn to talk to strangers, and people they know, and take their order, that’s a great skill.”

FFA member Jade Jewitt said she thought the evening was a good experience in learning how to deal with the public.

“They learn how to deal with problems, messed up orders, and other things. It’s a skill they will use whether they are involved in agriculture or not the rest of their lives. If they can talk and communicate, they are that much further ahead. It’s a good experience.”

On the other hand, FFA member Janel Meldrum said, “It taught me that I never want to be a waitress.”

But Sara Prince felt it taught her, “how to interact with people and be able to operate in any situation.”