By Summer Nelson, LCHS student

On Nov. 13, Lincoln County High School held its Veterans Day assembly. The assembly started with student council and journalism students escorting veterans to reserved seating in front of the auditorium and giving them roses. The assembly was introduced by LCHS student body president, senior Cameron Frehner.

The “Star Spangled Banner” was performed by a quartet comprised of Frehner, senior Craig Roundy, junior Kendal Thomas and sophomore William Culverwell, and was accompanied by senior Kelsie Mathews. Before the performance started one of the veterans called the company, all of the attending veterans, to attention.

After everyone was seated again Roundy welcomed the veterans by reading the papers they had filled out upon arrival, which included the branch they served in, how long and anything they would like to say to an LCHS student about being a veteran. Next they presented a remembrance video put together by seniors Kaylee Teel, Summer Nelson, Jaycee Wadsworth and Hailee Walker. The band performed the classics “Torch of Liberty” and “Land of Liberty” both by James Swearingen.

“I love the veterans who were very enthusiastic about serving their country. The whole program had a very nice atmosphere and feeling, and the video almost made me cry,” said Mathews.

Senior Aleesha Cole then introduced the guest speaker Micheal Anderson Jr. He told of his journey in the Navy and why he did what he did. He said he joined the Navy to travel and ended up staying in for twenty-two years. He told LCHS students not only his story and why he is glad he joined the military but why they should as well.

“Mr. Anderson was a great speaker and the video was super touching. I almost cried,” said senior Rachel Wadsworth.

After Mr. Anderson’s speech the LCHS show choir performed “Turn, Turn, Turn” by The Byrds. Senior Taylor Soderborg read portions of essays written by LCHS juniors and seniors. The essays read had a great impact on the veterans.

Towards the end, Frehner gave an explanation of the famous “Taps” and the band along with the show choir teacher Jacob Lester performed it. The performance was followed by a moment of silence.

The assembly ended with the veterans being escorted out while the LCHS student body applauded them.

“I thought it was really great. I enjoyed the video and Mr. Anderson’s speech. It brought more light to what veterans sacrifice. I really liked it,” said junior Kimberlie Barfield.