Dear Editor,

I’d like to thank everyone in Pioche who helped me bring in the Portable Masterpieces orchestra to the Opera house last Saturday evening. I especially want to thank everyone who came to see the show. You were such a warm and enthusiastic audience for the group. Your energetic applauses, and standing ovation at the end of the performance, were testimony as to how much you enjoyed it. The orchestra has commented several times about what a great audience you were, and how much they enjoyed playing for you.

The orchestra opened to an audience of over one hundred people. It was great to see so many people wanting to be part of a cultural event such as this here in Lincoln County, but what really puzzled me, was the people we didn’t see at the event. The very people in the county that I thought would be first on the reservation list, seemingly had no interest in seeing a small orchestra perform at the Opera House. Who would have guessed?

Because of its success, we are already trying to find ways to bring them back in the future. Thanks again Lincoln County for your support of such an unusual opportunity to bring a bit of culture to our remote area.

Leslie Derkovitz, Pioche