Races Dates Set in 2014

Closing of State Route 318 between Hiko and Lund was approved by the County Commission for the Silver State Challenge races May 18 and Sept. 21, 2014.


Tyler Free to Panaca Town Board

County Commissioners have approved the appointment of Tyler Free to the Panaca Town Board.


Special Assessments for Pahranagat Lake Approved

Commissioners approved the special assessment for Pahranagat Lake and its Tributaries/Ash Springs in the amount of $24,936.86 and the special assessment for Pahranagat Lake and its tributaries in the amount of $20,332.93.


Application for grant funding from the Environmental Protection Agency

Approval was given by County Commissioners for participation in an application for grant funding in the amount of $600,000 to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for a Brownfields Coalition Assessment grant to conduct Environmental Site Assessments and area-wide planning in support of renewable energy, transmission and economic development in the vicinity of identified Brownfields sites. This is continuation of the rural Southwest Brownfields coalition grant approved by the Board as a Memorandum of Understanding in 2011.


Request of Land Disposal to the BLM

A letter of request is to be sent by the Board of County Commissioners to the Bureau of Land Management for disposal of land within Lincoln County per Lincoln County Conservation Recreation Development Act and the BLM Ely District Resource Management Plan of 2008. The proposed 329 acres represents an addendum and modification to previously submitted acreage in 2011 and 2013. The proposed acreage is in the immediate vicinity of Alamo, Panaca, and Pioche.