In response to city accountant Dan McArthur’s suggestion for the City of Caliente to have an asset manager, the Caliente City Council unanimously voted last Thursday to appoint Deputy Clerk Kelli Haluzak for the position.

The council discussed the details of the position, mainly keeping track of the City’s property, and who they might have available for the task. Mayor Stana Hurlburt said there was, “quite a bit done already.” However, obtaining a complete list has been something Caliente has struggled with in the past. The Council felt that Haluzak’s efforts, along with assistance from utility clerk Ashley Tibbetts, the pair could handle the venture.

The Council then had to determine their minimum asset amount. Council had to determine what things would be on the list based on their worth of a set dollar amount, or if the item lasts more than five years to be included as capital assets. Also, they looked at certain items to see if they were being funded from the right spending account. Once the Council set a dollar amount, they had to make sure that the capital spending budget would cover the smaller things.

Councilman Cody Christensen moved to start the dollar amount for assets at $2,000, “so it’s not such a daunting task,” he said. Cardinal seconded and the Council unanimously approved.

Joe Livreri, Caliente resident and member of the Silver State Trailblazers motorcycle racing club, went before the board for approval to apply for a recreational grant for the Caliente motocross park. The council went through a lengthy discussion regarding the motocross park, and its frequent usage. Livreri is hoping to develop the park further, and the council felt that if they don’t receive grants from this particular fund, they will keep trying. The park is currently an option for a trailhead for a mountain bike trail, as well the location of the shooting range, and a possible proposal for a farmer’s market of some sort. While the original intentions for the Industrial Park were for bigger businesses to have a location to come and base their operations at, the usage and popularity of the park have shifted to recreational purposes.

Livreri reported that over the school’s Christmas break, “the place was packed.” The council felt that something would need to be done at the motocross park, and that a commitment would be needed from the entity that was on the property. Some of the language that would be needed for a grant or contract would be a time period for leasing the property, the amount per year that would be charged to lease it, and the intended usage of the property.

“We have a nice track,” Livreri continued. Lincoln County has hosted races for the Motorcycle Racing Association of Nevada (MRAN) in the past, but the popularity of the track in Lincoln County has started to spread nationally. He said there isn’t a track anywhere in Las Vegas, and the one that Boulder City had has shut down. Livreri felt, “it could bring a high caliber of people,” to the county.

The Council moved to lease the portion of the park to the Silver State Trailblazers for five years, and to provide a letter of support for Livreri to apply for grant funded projects.