Constance (Connie) Rowene Burke Nelson’s birthday was Nov. 12, 1933. According to her mother though she was born on Nov. 22 and the twelfth was

Constance (Connie) Rowene Burke Nelson

Constance (Connie) Rowene Burke Nelson 

Constance (Connie) Rowene Burke Nelson’s birthday was Nov. 12, 1933. According to her mother though she was born on Nov. 22 and the twelfth was an error, but that is what the birth certificate said so the twelfth it was. She was born the twelfth child of 13 to Isabelle Morris Burke and John (Happy) Stanley Burke. She is survived by her husband Leland E. Nelson; her daughters Wendy (Burt) Rudder, Denise (Calvin) Nay, Colleen (Jay) Scow, and Tracy (Mike) Strong; 18 grandchildren; and 24 and-a-half great-grandchildren.

Mom and her family lived in Caliente at the time she was born. Mom was always proud of her heritage and the loving family she was sent to on this earth. They taught her love, honesty, respect for our country and a love for God. When mom was a child, they moved around between Caliente and Delamar where Grandad Burke worked in mining. When mom was in the third grade, they settled in Caliente. Mom recorded many happy memories of growing up in Caliente and of being a cheerleader in eighth grade. She always talked about the Fourth of July celebrations. Mom wrote of her activity in the church and of singing in programs and all she learned from her mother about music. Mom loved music and noted that she sang in the Alamo Ward choir for 25 out of 30 years. Mom shared memories of her high school years at Lincoln County High. She always had the highest regard for her teachers there. She enjoyed Band and Home Ec.

Mom and dad lived in the valley and then at Tempiute for a while. They moved to Las Vegas where mom told about working in Vegas Village in North Las Vegas. Then they moved back to the valley and lived in Farrel and Nadine Anhder’s home.

Mom and dad owned and ran a Beaver Ranch, which they eventually sold and moved into Alamo. They bought the property that they have now and we all know the dedication mom put into her homes and her yards. She was always working in the yards.

Mom spent many happy years working for Lincoln County School District. First, at the high school and then she was secretary at the elementary for years. She helped with Christmas music and programs. She so enjoyed that work. She drove the bus for years, but Mr. Lytle had to build her a block of wood so she could even reach the gas pedal. She also spent many years working at Alamo Service for Shirley Davis.

Mom had numerous callings in the church throughout her life. We have many memories of mom embroidering pillows with roses on them for her Mia Maids and Laurel girls. She made a pillow for every girl that came into her class. Mom worked in Primary and was on the Stake Primary Board for five years. She worked in Sunday School and Relief Society. Also after Mom retired from work she enjoyed the Extraction Program and worked on that for quite some time.

Mom had many trials and heartaches throughout her beautiful life, such as losing Chris, and especially hard, losing her beautiful granddaughters, Tori and Laci. She has had struggles with her health several times.

Our beloved mother passed away peacefully in her sleep at the age of 80, Jan. 4, in Caliente. Funeral services were held Friday, Jan. 10 at the LDS Ward Chapel in Alamo, and Interment was in the Alamo Cemetery.

Our family wishes to extend our heartfelt thanks to all those that loved and helped and provided compassionate service to mom, dad and our families.