Dan Schwartz, candidate for the 2014 Nevada State Treasurer elect, stopped in Caliente to talk to constituents about his platform and business of the state, and buy lunch for visitors at Hansen’s Fine Dining.

After introductions Schwartz gave details about what it means to be a conservative, saying, “Every Republican in the state is a Conservative.” His main beliefs, he said, were in less government control, more local control, and free enterprise, saying “private corporations are what it takes to get things done.”

Schwartz said the current state treasurer, Kate Marshall, is a “poster child of what’s wrong,” and that current interest rates of the states invested earnings aren’t enough to keep up with inflation, and as an effect, is losing money out of the state’s general fund.

Schwartz has 35 years of experience he brings as an elect. His resume consists of banking, handling investments and raising debt financing.

He says, “There is a difference between being a good accountant and a chief investment officer,” which is what he hopes the legislature will name the position once elected, and claims he will allow larger chunks of money to be invested.

Caliente Mayor Stana Hurlburt, attended the presentation, and afterwards said, “I like how he came right out and addressed issues in Nevada.”

Schwartz also had complementary books for attendants, “Principles of the American Republic,” that he wrote. The book contains information on political, legal, economic and social principles, as well as national security, and has received numerous reviews from universities, professors and doctors.

On his website, Dan4Nevada.com, Schwartz says, “We do NOT need new taxes or more regulations. What we DO need is a better job of investing taxpayer’s money and a healthier economy. One more dollar in interest earned means one dollar less of additional taxes. And, one more dollar set aside for hard working Nevadans means one dollar more added to the economy.”.