A complaint has been filed against members of the Caliente City Council by former Caliente City Clerk, Jo Whitlock. Filed Dec. 19, 2013, under the cause of action regarding the 1983 Civil Rights act, Whitlock requested a jury.

Case number 2:2013cv02309 was filed with the Nevada District Court in Las Vegas, where Judge Jennifer A. Dorsey will be presiding.

Representing Whitlock are Daniel Marks and Adam Levine from Las Vegas. There are two complaints file, claiming deprivation of property interest in violation of due process and breach of contract.

The complaint is filed against Mayor Stana Hurlburt, and Councilmembers Victor Jones, Cody Christensen and Steve Rowe.

Councilwoman JoLynn Cardinal was not named in the complaint.

The Nevada State Pool Pact who provides insurance for the City of Caliente has provided an attorney for the complaint.