New phone numbers have been issued for the offices at the Lincoln County Courthouse, to go along with their new phone system.

The numbers in use now are in the 8000 range. Still use the 775-962 prefix, but after dialing 8000, and/or the extension of the person you wish to reach, the caller is given a directory informing you which keypad button to push to connect with any given department.  For example, the County Clerk is now 8000 plus 6.

County Building Director Cory Lytle said Commissioners approved purchasing and installing a new phone system. “It’s a complex thing that’s been in the works for several years,” he said. “A lot of it has to do with the Detention Center and making sure there is connectivity there with the 911 emergency system.”

Lytle said the new system will put the Courthouse under one umbrella. “Before, every office had their own line, some had two lines, and everyone was paying a separate long distance service, and some of the older phones, did not even work. The whole thing needed an upgrade. This new system allows us to even connect it to our emails. Has a lot of potential, and we  can track our numbers a lot better.”

New phone books were recently issued by Lincoln County Telephone Systems (LCTS) with new numbers listed under the Lincoln County entities. Upon review of the new phone book, however, LCTS employee Lynn Lloyd noted that although they switched numbers for the entities, some of the old numbers still appear under the basic name “Lincoln County.”