Lincoln County Sheriff Kerry Lee said the two suspected thieves of copper wire and other items from the Bristol Mine Jan. 28, have been released on their own recognizance.

He said 31-year old Randolph Schmitz of Hurricane, Utah, and 38-year old John Matthew Byk of Mesquite, appeared before Meadow Valley Justice Court Judge Mike Cowley.

Lee said the suspects are “working on taking some kind of plea agreement, and are out of jail at this time. Apparently the judge felt the two were not flight risks and granted release, and hopefully they will be back to clear it up.” No further court date has been set.

In another matter, Lee said a burglary that occurred at the Geyser Ranch, may have been by one or both of the same men arrested in connection with the Bristol Mine theft. “We don’t know when it took place. Copper wire that was used for grounding was taken.  They must have backed up to the gate and climbed over because they did not cut the locks to go inside the gate, just climbed over the fence apparently. We have no suspects at the moment.”