As other counties in Nevada are doing, the Lincoln County Board of County Commissioners have not yet made firm decisions on zoning issues regarding the sale of medical marijuana within the County.

Supporters of medical marijuana want the distances to match the state standards. Opponents want to set tougher standards, which would make it more difficult to find sites to set up business in a city, or even rural areas.

Nevada voters approved medical marijuana in 2000, but it took until the 2013 state Legislature to create a procedure to operate a medical marijuana establishment. Local governments can decide whether they want these businesses in the cities or county and establish zoning and business license standards. Operations are expected to start in April.

In discussions on the issue at the Lincoln County Commission meeting Feb. 18, the board did not take any actions, feeling they needed additional information on the subject, and may put the item on a future agenda.

“It is primarily about zoning,” said Commissioner Kevin Phillips, “where you put it, or where you don’t put it.”

No formal presentation was made by supporters of the issue, although Phillips said he has received some phone calls in support.

As reported in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Boulder City “is considering an ordinance that would ban medical marijuana dispensaries, grow houses, state labs and any other facilities associated with the “Green Rush” industry – as the movement is being hailed across the country.

On Feb. 25, the council is expected to vote on the controversial subject after hearing from its citizens.

If the ban is approved, Boulder City would become the first city in Clark County to enact one.”