The town of Alamo is going to remove some stop signs, and add others.

As voted by the town Council about seven signs, some yield signs and some stop signs will be either removed, replaced or added.

A list of possible locations was presented to the council. After final decision was made to the list, it will be sent to the County Road Department and they will create a project to come to Alamo and make the changes.

One of the major changes will involve Broadway Street, going from U.S. 93 to the elementary school. The stop sign at the intersection of Broadway and Joshua Tree and Stewart Lane will be removed, making Broadway a through street all the way to the elementary school.

Other changes include replacing a hand painted Yield coming out of Daniel Court onto Joshua Tree with a regulation metal sign.

Madison Avenue that intersects into Park Boulevard, the street west of the elementary school, will be getting a stop. And the Yield sign coming up the hill from the rodeo grounds to the elementary school will be removed. There is already a stop sign at Park Lane and Broadway.

A stop sign will be added at the intersection of Bluff Street from the Cottonwood Estates housing development onto Sandhill Road.

Council member Vern Holiday said, ?while we don?t have a great deal of traffic, what we are trying to do is to be consistent and be sure we have everything where it should be.?

A number of the signs around town are not at standard height, and will be raised to regulation height.