Dear Editor,

The American Legion Auxiliary #35 of Pioche has been very busy for many years in the planning and construction of the beautiful Veterans Memorial Monument. At a huge expense, with the help of many other folks, the project has finally been completed. It was recently discovered that a person or persons unknown have been busy trying to destroy this area. Some of the large blocks surrounding the area have been forcefully thrown at the benches and successfully broke one. A very heavy wire frame around one of the lights has been cut away, and worse of all, one of the big stars at the bottom of the monument has literally been dug off the monument. This is all so heart breaking. What has happened to the word, “respect?” This monument was placed to honor all our Veterans who have served and given their lives to keep our country safe and free. Parents: what are your children, teens, doing at the park? Are they playing and having a good time, or just plain being destructive? This incident has been photographed and reported to the L.C. Sheriff’s Office and has been investigated. They intend to watch the area and anyone found in this fenced monument site playing around and being destructive will be prosecuted! Hidden cameras will be placed in the area.

God Bless America,

The Pioche American Legion Auxiliary #35


Dear Editor,

Last week, I had a knock on my back door and found a person soliciting a job of spraying my back driveway with a black asphalt spray.

If this happens to you, don’t get taken in like I did. These are some of the cautions I would suggest.

Don’t take the person at his word. Some examples: “All work is guaranteed.” Have him show you the guarantee in written form and review it.

Have the individual show you his identification and/or business license.

Take a picture of the person’s vehicle and license plate if possible. If not, make a note of these.

Pay with a check so time may allow you to cancel it if necessary.

I have lived in, or around, Pioche most of my life, and I recently turned 81, but have never been fleeced like I was in this case.

My driveway is as bad or worse than it was. I tried to find the person, with a phony name, after looking at the paper he gave me, but to no avail.

If I had followed the advice I stated, I may have been able to find him. This was a rare instance for me, but I feel it will not happen again and hope readers will be more careful as I am sure I will.

It’s too bad we have to doubt people and truthfulness but I know I will definitely do this in the future.


Terry Jones, Pioche