Litigation starts for City of Caliente

Litigation began April 23 for Mayor Stana Hurlburt and the members of the Caliente City Council that were named in the complaint filed in December of 2013 by former City Clerk Jo Whitlock.

John Brown, City Attorney, said at last week’s Caliente City Council meeting that, “no final decision is anticipated at this time.”

“The interim decision doesn’t look favorable, but in the long run, could work to our benefit,” Brown said. The judgment he felt that could be levied against the city, he said, “is open enough for an appeal. My fear was that the decision would be limited.”

Penoyer Valley Electric public meeting

The Public Utilities Commission of Nevada has scheduled a consumer session for Tuesday, April 29 to hear public comment regarding the Penoyer Valley Electric Company application to transfer its electric distribution system to Lincoln County Power District No. 1 and cancel its Certification of Public Convenience and Necessity.

The meeting is scheduled for April 29 at 6 p.m. at the Rachel Senior Center building.

Toquop Area Parcel C  public meeting

A public meeting for an Ordinance to approve a Development Agreement and Conceptual Plan for the development of Parcel C in the Toquop Planning Area, and a Development Agreement and Conceptual Plan for the Mesa Vista area at Toquop is scheduled for May 19 at 11 a.m. in the County Commission Chambers at the Courthouse in Pioche.

Commissioners make appointment

Kevin Phillips of Caliente and Ed Higbee of Alamo have been appointed as members from the Board of County Commissioners to work with the Bureau of Land Management on the Ash Springs area. No meetings have been scheduled yet.

Grants Policy Clarified

No decision was made on an agenda item for County Commissioners April 21 from the County Grants Administrator Elaine Zimmerman.

Commission chair Ed Higbee said there is already an ordinance already in place, “and we just talked it over,” to ensure that the policy be followed a bit more closely. “That we [Commissioners] clarify that those applying must show receipts to the administrator’s office showing where the money has been spent and how.”

Donohue Appointed to state Homeland Security Working Group 

County Commissioner Paul Donohue of Pioche has been appointed for one year to be the representative from Lincoln County for the Homeland Security Working Group.

He said the statewide group plans to hold a meeting next week in Las Vegas at which time he will learn more of what the duties of the group are and what his involvement will be.

He said it’s the first time, to his knowledge, Lincoln County has been invited to participate