Lincoln County CPA Dan MacArthur discussed the planned budget for the upcoming fiscal year at the Pioche town board meeting last week.

MacArthur voiced concerns that the town of Pioche would be safe this year because they have a “nest egg” of about $37,000. However, in the initial budget presented, MacArthur projected a loss of $30,000 that would reduce that fund to around $7,000. Unless the town can figure out a way to reduce expenses, next budget season would be difficult for the Town of Pioche.

Nathan Adams, manager at Pioche Public Utilities said they could possibly reduce pool hours, and the amount of spending on weeding for the town.

The proposed budget will go before County Commissioners at their next meeting May 19. However, MacArthur and the Town Board agreed they needed to look at numbers again, and could possibly ask for an extension for the budget deadline.